These are the questions that most people ask.

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There are many types of training plans available. The most common are the 12 week or 16 week plans. While these are great they are not really flexible. They don't take injuries, bike issues, work or family commitments into consideration.

I personally have never been able to stick to a training plan that was worked out more than a week in advance, because work or family commitments and sometimes bike issues, injuries or illness have a habit of popping up at the most unexpected times. Its really frustrating when you are already trying to juggle your personal life and training and then have to try figure out how to adjust your plan for a missed session.

A weekly personalised training plan that is worked out around YOUR schedule is flexible. If something happens and you need to skip a ride/training session, you can let me know and I will adjust the rest of the week accordingly.

Another really important factor, is the accountability factor. You will be a lot less likely to skip a ride, because you are "not in the mood" when someone is checking on your stats for each ride.
I have had many people ask me this. When I take a look at their rides, they not training correctly. They are putting in the hours, but its not quality time on the bike.

In order to improve you need to get stronger and the only way to do this is to combine training and recovery correctly. This means you grow strong, and don't over train.

I have had clients who ride 4-5 days per week, but its not hard enough to build strength and not easy enough for recovery. As a result they never get stronger and quite often end up in a state of being over trained.

These clients are always surprised when they realise that they don't have to put in extra hours, they just have to train effectively. Its not long after that I get the Whats app messages with screen shots of their Strava PR's - I love that part of my job. 🙂
This is really dependent on you. What do you want to achieve and how much time are you willing to commit. You need to be realistic about your goals VS your commitments.

You will get the most benefit from training 4 - 5 days per week, but if you only have three days per week available, we can work with that too.
This really depends on your your personal circumstances. How fit/strong you are to begin with and what you want to achieve with the training. Most people see results within their first month.
Mountain bike events are all different. Some are long, some are hilly, some are technical, etc. Many mountain bikers also take part in road events like the Cape Town Cycle Tour. (Argus) Training for an upcoming event needs to take the terrain of the event and distance into consideration, as well as training load of the client. Because of this the best scenario is to have your training plan on-going throughout the year and I have put every effort into providing a training plan that is Flexible, effective and tailored, but also affordable enough to be able to do stick with it.