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noun: an achievement requiring courage, skill, or strength.
Synonyms: achievement, accomplishment, attainment, coup, master stroke, triumph.

It also stands for
Flexible, Effective, Affordable, Tailoured

If you want to get fitter, are training for an event, or want to get faster/stronger on the bike, a MTB coach is the way to go. The FEAT offers a personalised weekly training plan that is tailoured to your needs for just R510 per month!

Mountain biking is not just about fitness. To enjoy the sport and get the most out of your rides and events you need a combination of fitness, strength and technical skills. Your training needs to be tailoured around what events you are taking part in. It also needs to be planned around your work and family commitments for it to be sustainable.

Most importantly, it needs to be flexible and make adjustments for injury, illness or unforeseen incidents that may interrupt your training, while still remaining effective. For it to be affordable too, is a bonus!

You will be assessed on your current fitness level and an individual plan will be set up, based on your current level and the short term and long term goals you wish to achieve.

-Monitored Weekly
-Plan will be adjusted weekly according to your progress/needs
-Nutrition plan included if needed

THE FOCUS IS: Strength, Speed, Endurance, Correct recovery, Nutrition.

With a MTB specific training plan, you can achieve your goals. It helps to keep you focused and motivated. It is also geared around your schedule,  work and family commitments.

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My Qualifications:

Certified in Cycling Science – Cycling Physiology and Coaching (Sports Science Institute of South Africa)
Diploma in Sports and Exercise Nutrition
Diploma in Nutrition
Diploma in Health and Fitness