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Spring is just around the corner. Its time to put the winter blues behind us and get out there and ride the trails while they are filled with flowers, birds and beautiful warm sunny spring days.
What better way is there to enjoy a ride, than with a group of like minded ladies?

A ladies mtb group ride is the perfect platform for getting the most out of your mountain biking. It combines a fun ride that improves your fitness and skill level, with the camaraderie of a group of fellow ladies. Trail savvy ladies mtb group rides are fun and supportive, but also bold and adventurous.

Don’t panic! You will never be forced to attempt anything you are not comfortable with. You will learn the skills to master the obstacles on the trail you want to master and when you feel confident enough to progress, we will be there to guide and support you.

-Fun weekly social rides
-Improved skills and fitness
-Advice and encouragement
-Safety in numbers
-Training for events

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