Darrvin Rove E-Bike Review

The Darrvin Rove is a full Suspension trail, track & mountain fiend.

Darrvin’s design-build prowess on full-display. A dual suspension e-MTB that can keep pace with any of the top brands at an unbeatable price, without giving an inch to performance or quality. Simply the best-buy dual suspension out there.

WARRANTY: 1 Year Motor and Battery, 5 Years Frame
AVAILABILITY: South Africa (As of March 2022)
PRICE: Standard R76,495.00 

I had looked, compared and test ridden a number of different e-bike brands before I stumbled across the Darrvin Rove. When I first saw the price tag of the Rove, I did not expect it to match up to the offerings of the “top brands”, but on closer inspection of the specs I had to give it more attention.

I had a few things I was looking for in a bike and the Rove ticked all the boxes. After riding the Rove I found out that Darrvin have built a phenomenal bike. I was blown away by its agile cornering and the ease of getting it in the air on jumps. The bike just handles everything you can throw at it!

Everyone I have given it to test ride has said the same thing. The cornering is amazing and it just wants to pop and play on the trails. 

Darrvin’s Team bring four decades of business and industry experience to DARRVIN. They spent the better part of 2017 and 2018 developing a range of exceptional e-bikes specifically for the quality/cost conscious buyer.

Darrvin e-bikes are not off-the-shelf, rebranded products. Thoughtful design has led to a nimble, robust and highly efficient range of e-bikes, suited to off-and on-road use. Darrvin offers the best overall value in terms of performance and reliability, while offering a comprehensive after-sales and support service. 

DESIGN PHILOSOPHY: Darrvin bikes are first and foremost about great value, not necessarily tied into the price point, but rather the best quality product with top quality components and functionality, packaged into a beautiful simplistic design that is attractive and affordable . They focus on every individual component of the bike, and keep sight of the whole as part of an integrated design.

One of the things I love about the Darrvin is their attention to detail. I think its so smart that they chose an 11 speed drive train. E-bikes need chain and cassette replacements more often than regular bikes, so the 11 speed keeps the cost of consumables down. 12 Speed components are considerably more expensive and not necessary on an e-bike. The Darrvin Rove easily and  comfortably climbs the concrete road at Contermanskloof as well as Dorsberg at Meerendal.  There are not any steeper climbs I can think of that would require more gearing. 

The Rock Shox 35 Gold fork was a pleasant surpirse! At first I was a little concerned about the the 140mm Rock Shox 35 fork, because  my enduro bike has 160mm Ohlins 36 up front, so I was worried about losing 20mm of trave. I thought it would limit my riding, but I could not have been more wrong. After riding the Rove on all the black trails in the area including the Contermanskloof Mainline Downhill Double Black, I found that the fork just takes everything in its stride. Rocks, drops, gap jumps, pallet gaps, are all just as good as on my top end Enduro bike. Not once have I felt like I need more than 140mm up front.

 Travel on the Rock Shox 35 gold can be adjusted to 160mm if desired, without buying a new air shaft. Travel spacers can simply be removed. This is a great feature of the fork. Since the Rove can take a 160mm fork, you could even upgrade to a 160mm top end fork if you really want to and still come in at a price point way under R100K. But I doubt you will need to upgrade as even my son who has a Fox 40 fork on his DH bike was amazed at how good the fork feels. Everything on the bike just works and as a result it delivers a confidence inspiring ride that will have you smiling non-stop and doing more laps of your favourite trails than you can imagine!

If you are not yet sold on the idea of an e-bike, let me tell you that neither was I. That is until I really spent time on one and realised what a game changer they are. I always thought I would own an e-bike as a second bike, but after 6 weeks I feel that if you are only going to have one bike, it makes sense that it should be an e-bike. 

You can ride so much more. Being able to hit he trails and smash out multiple laps of your favourite downhill means you get so much more out of each ride.  

Its an effective training tool. Effective training involves working out in the correct heart rate zones. We all know this includes the important recovery rides. I personally hate recovery rides and tend to neglect them as it involves riding at high cadence on flat road to keep my heart rate in the recovery zone. On an e-bike recovery rides can be done on your favourite trails. A trail that would usually push your heart rate into zone 4 can be easily managed in recovery zone on an e-bike. Its all about working with the assistance levels. 

The Darrvin Rove can also be ridden with the power off. I have ridden B-Spot at Bloemendal and the climb all the way to the Majik gate with the power off. It gives an amazing strength workout. 

You will get fitter, stronger and lose weight. Of course you can use an e-bike in it highest assist setting and cruise around everywhere and not get fitter, stronger or burn kilojoules, but if you ride it thoughtfully, you will get fitter and stronger and even lose weight. Last year (2021) I trained for 6 months for Wines2Whales. I was hoping it help me lose the weight I had gained during 2020 lockdown, but with all that training I never lost 1 kg!  After 6 weeks of being on the e-bike I have lost 7.1kg. 

I ride more.

I spend more time in fat burning zones.

One question I get asked a lot is how good the bike is. Well results speak for themselves.

These are some of my recent Strava E-bike segment results while riding the Darrvin Rove.

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Test ride the Darrvin Rove

There is no better way to to experience a bike than to test ride it.  Get in touch to arrange a day and time that will suit you. 

Let us know when you are ready to ride.

Review – Darrvin Rove E-bike
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