If you are looking for MTB skills training you have come to the right place. MTB Skills training is great for learning specific skills you want to master. Whether you want to master rocks, roots, small drop offs, or bigger obstacles on Enduro or XCO level, Trail Savvy can help.

The goal is to get you riding more confidently, faster, further and have more fun on your bike.

If you start out trying to ride above your technical ability, you could injure yourself, which can set you back mentally and physically. It is also not fun riding a trail littered with obstacles that you fear. If you learn to master rocks, roots, small drops, etc, it opens up a whole new level of fun and exhileration.

MTB Skills training sessions can be conducted 1 on 1 or in a small group.


Individual sessions: (+-90 min)
(TMBC Members get 15% discount)
1 session = R500
2 sessions = R850
3 Sessions = R1000
Group Sessions:
2 – 4 riders = R350 per rider
5 – 10 riders = R300 per rider
1 session = R590
2 sessions = R1000
3 Sessions = R1180

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