Whether you are new to mountain biking, wanting to learn the basics, or an experienced rider, wanting to improve your technical skills or train for races, this is the place for you!



The idea behind Trail Savvy is to give you a regular ride where you can attempt technical sections in a safe, controlled environment. You will NOT be forced to ride anything you don’t feel comfortable riding. You will learn to master the skills you want to learn, and then practice these skills weekly, cementing them in your mind and muscle memory. This constant, gradual progression ensures your skills are developed at a safe pace that you are comfortable with and the skills become habits. Making you a safer and more skilled rider in a  supportive and non-intimidating environment.

The goal is not to turn you into the next Downhill racer, (unless you want to) but more importantly to get you riding more confidently, faster, further and have having more fun on your bike.

In order to become really good at anything you need to consistently practice until it becomes second nature.  It needs to become a habit, something you can do without having to analyse or over think.  If you start out trying to ride above your technical ability, you could injure yourself, which can set you back mentally and physically. It is also not fun riding a trail littered with obstacles that you fear. If you learn to master rocks, roots, small drops, etc, it opens up a whole new level of fun and exhileration.

To become a confident rider you need to consistently work on your skills, ideally with someone who can guide with the correct technique, so you don’t learn bad habits. Skills are just like fitness. You need to constantly develop them, or you lose them.

What riders have said about Trail Savvy…

Thanks so much for this morning's session, I really enjoyed it. And I'm not scared of Mineshaft or Stairway any more, so I will hopefully feel more confident about riding those sections more!

Thanks for today ladies. Excited for the rest of the weeks. Woohooo 🎊

Thanks so much Leigh, had a fun time out there.